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About Orionis

Orionis Fund Ltd. does sourcing and buying of raw gold, gold dust / nuggets mined from its Artisanal Gold Mine in Republic of Mali, West Africa. Fund engages a team of experts experienced in purchase and valuation of gold and has state of the art storage, security, transport and testing facilities. The collected raw gold is further converted to dore gold bars and is sold to international buyers / refiners in UAE.

By surrounding with high quality professionals across every step of purchase and sale cycle, the fund offers the safe haven status of gold investment generating optimal risk free returns. The fund restricts any diversification on its investment which is strictly carried as per investment objective.

Orionis Fund Ltd though is recognized as a Professional Mutual Fund does not fall under any supervision by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission or by any other regulator outside of the British Virgin Islands.

The requirements considered necessary for the protection of investors that apply to a fund registered under SIBA as a public fund do not apply to Orionis Fund Ltd. An investor in the Fund is solely responsible for determining whether the Fund is suitable for his needs and should understand that fund doesn’t assure that investment manager’s asset allocation strategy would be accurate and may result in substantial losses.

The company has appointed Alsa Asset Management Company Limited (the '" Investment Advisor") to act as the Investment Advisor to the company in respect of the Company's portfolio of Investment. The Investment Advisor in good faith and due diligence will manage the portfolio in accordance with the investment restrictions applicable to the company and with regards to its investment objectives.

The company has appointed Noor Capital PSC to act as Custodian to the Company in respect of the Company's portfolio and to execute transactions on behalf of the Company acting on the Company's Instructions. The custodian was incorporated on 27 November 2005 and is regulated by the UAE Central Bank.

The company has appointed AL-PER Solutions Limited, DIFC, Dubai as its Administrator. AL-PER provides all administrative services required in connection with the Fund's operations, maintaining financial books, preparing annual financial statements, computing and publishing the NAV of shares and providing registrar and transfer agent services.



Mr. Abdul Jabbar Al Sayegh is the founder of Al Sayegh Brothers Trading, which commenced its operations in 1980. Under his leadership, the group over the years has grown to a multi-million dollar conglomerate and over 4,500 personnel spanning over sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Engineering & Education.
Mr Abdul Jabbar has held key positions with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Abu Dhabi Investment Company (ADIC) and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). He is the Chairman of Noor Capital P.S.C. He was previously a board member of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and also was the Chairman of Trade Committee.
Mr Abdul Jabbar had his graduation in Business Administration from the University of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. His areas of expertise and interest include fund and asset management, private equity and promotion of projects.



Mr. Firoze Kapadia is the Group Chief Financial Officer responsible for the financial and operations of Al Sayegh Group of Companies since April 2011. Prior to joining Al Sayegh Group, he worked 6 years for Sorouh P.J.S.C., an Abu Dhabi based Real Estate Company and was responsible for the overall Treasury and Investment portfolio of the firm. Mr. Firoze is a Certified Chartered Accountant and has had an illustrious career spanning since 1989.


Noor Capital PSC (Noor) is a private joint stock company authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates . Noor has carved a distinctive reputation for transparency and superior financial services by offering broad array of investment capabilities across geographies including Investments, Asset Management, Financial Advisory, Funds Administration, Global Markets Brokerage Services for Online Forex Trading, Gold Funds, Physical Gold, Silver and Currencies. A key strength of Noor Capital is its diverse and multinational shareholder base which includes the UAE, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. The diversity is maintained in its Management Team and in the breadth of its distribution network.

Being the best in the industry, Orionis has appointed Noor as the fund custodian. As a custodian, Noor acts on behalf of the fund and executes transactions based on advisor's instructions. These include fund custody, fund control , fund redemption, distribution of dividends etc where specific laid internal guidelines are followed to ensure compliance to fund guiding principles and ensuring transparency and strict control over handling of collected corpus.


Alsa Asset Management (AAM) delivers increased value through high-quality investment advice and exclusive investment opportunities. We constantly aspire to offer unique investment opportunities by leveraging the vast experience of our management team as exceptional returns are generated over investments without compromising asset quality.

AAM follows a disciplined risk management and a robust optimization approach aimed at fully evading any unforeseen event. The firm strives to achieve its motto of returns vs optimal risk management and values its clients which are built up on loyalty, mutual respect, transparency, confidentiality and trust. With its strategy, AAM has achieved to offer structured investment solutions wherein AAMs satisfaction is to facilitate investors to achieve their targeted financial goals as their families attain financial freedom.


AL-PER Solutions Limited is a limited company established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is providing third party fund administration services to investment funds. Pursuant to the terms of the Administration Agreement, the Administrator is responsible, under the ultimate supervision of the Directors of the Fund, for providing all administrative services required in connection with the Fund's operations, including:

(a) maintaining financial books and records of the Fund; (b) preparing annual financial statements for the Fund; (c) computing and publishing the Net Asset Value of the Shares; (d) providing registrar and transfer agent services in connection with the acceptance of subscriptions, issuance, transfer and redemption of Shares (e) providing all necessary office facilities, equipment and personnel in connection with the administration of the Fund.


Simcocks is a leading International Law Firm with a broad client base including high net worth Individuals, Groups and Fortune 500 Companies, international finance houses and asset managers. The Firm advises in London and Isle of Man. Through their global network, they provide responsive, sophisticated, solution-driven advice to clients on matters including Collective Investment Schemes.

Adel El-Hassan has over 25 years of professional experience in Law within UAE and abroad as a Magistrate, an Advocate, and a Legal Advisor. Mr Adel’s expertise includes in Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) etc. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law and is a member of Sudanese Bar Advocates.


CNK-HAS Chartered Accountants has been created through the association of two eminent Chartered Accountants firms, CNK and Associates LLP India and Hussain Al -Sayegh UAE respectively. CNK India is spearheaded by a team of 19 partners with experience across various industries and verticals and are from diverse backgrounds.

CNK is a member of INAA, an international association of 65 independent accounting firms that assist businesses with cross-border accounting and taxation transactions. This gives CNK the capabilities to serve the clients with their international regulatory requirements. In collaboration with international associates, CNK has successfully executed assignments in different parts of the world including USA, France, Germany, Singapore and the African Continent.